About You

How private is your email address?

If you are like the rest of us, your email is by now a public thing. You've probably used it to register to lots of websites, lots of newsletters, you've used it to use the wifi in many places and it's probably on many spreadsheets and databases, all over the place. Just like you wouldn't give your phone number, you home address or your credit card number to everyone, why would you give your email address?

It has a price, too! Your email can be sold for a cost to companies that will then send millions of emails in a scattergun approach, hoping someone will be interested in buying/subscribing to whatever they have to offer. That's why we all receive so many unwanted emails that clutter our inboxes. Some websites promise to never give your email to third parties. Some are true to their word,but some are definitely not.

Honestly, it sucks.

About Us

Our mission

Our goal is to help you keep your email address private and so limit the number of unwanted emails you receive.

How does it work?

You're given an alias email address which you use without moderation anywhere you want. The emails you receive are blocked by Volto by default: you then have to authorise them to reach your personal inbox, or you can block them if you want. Your real email address is always kept secret. So, instead of having your inbox filled with junk, you can decide beforehand whether you want a particular sender's emails to reach you.

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Last reviewed: 28th Oct 2015