Create alias addresses to protect your identity, decide what reaches your inbox, and when

Protect your identity

No one likes to see their email address in a data breach. Don't reveal your identity when you sign up to a website, use a Volto alias and no one will ever know you were there.

Protect your identity

Save time

Receiving non-urgent emails throughout the day is a real distraction. With Volto you can, for example, schedule all your newsletters for 8pm, so that you're not disturbed during the day.

Save time

Fend off spam

Easily block senders you don't want to receive emails from. Looking for a job or a house and don't want to receive offers for the next 10 years? Use a dedicated alias and block all incoming mail when you're done.

Fend off spam

When you just need an email address

Don't give your real email address to access a wi-fi network, read an article or download some software. Use an alias and you won't have to worry about all the emails that usually follow.

When you just need an email address



Aliases will allow you to register wherever you want, without anyone knowing who you really are


We don't have access to your inbox. We don't look into the emails you receive. We don't save your emails

Less clutter

Only get the emails you really want to receive. Your inbox is yours again


Had enough of having your day interrupted by emails you care little about? Schedule them for a time in the day or the week when maybe you'll give a monkey's

Fixing unsubscribe

Effectively block emails you don't want to receive - before they reach your inbox. Unlike unsubscribe buttons, this is reliable


Play an active role in receiving emails. Don't let your inbox be subjected to anyone who wants to send you stuff


It's simple, it's straightforward, it's efficient, it's great

And more

We have plenty of ideas in the pipeline. Join us, it's gonna be great

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Our users love Volto

"After years of spam from headhunters, I used a Volto alias to manage my last career move. I'm now in my new job, have shut down my alias and will never hear from a headhunter again...until I want to."
Anna B.
"I don't even think about it anymore, it's obvious for me to use my Volto alias when I register to a new site. I especially like that I can block unwanted emails in one click directly from my inbox."
Dan G.
"I like the power to give my Volto alias to online shops and to know that I have control of what reaches my inbox. The team at Volto has seen a need and come up with a great solution."
Jim M.

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